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Balkan Grandprix – english




Oct 21, 2021

BALKAN GRAND PRIX is a bodybuilding tournament included in the NPC Worldwide calendar. A sports show with international participation and a bid to establish itself as an annual and growing tournament.
The winners of the individual categories of BALKAN GRAND PRIX, acquire the right to participate in professional qualifiers at major international tournaments.
BALKAN GRAND PRIX is the beginning of a new stage in the development of bodybuilding and fitness not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkan Peninsula. A commercial show held under the rules and standards of NPC Worldwide, which aims to show the beauty and harmony of the human body, the quest for perfect proportions and the unity of will and spirit to achieve the desired result.
BALKAN GRAND PRIX is set to become a leading sports event for bodybuilding and fitness, not only in Bulgaria, but also for the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe.
The tournament will be held under the auspices and rules of NPC Worldwide and is officially included in the federation’s calendar. Calendar with tournaments taking place on five continents with thousands of athletes participating. Winning such a tournament is a step towards professional bodybuilding and a dream for every athlete. A jury of internationally licensed and highly experienced judges is invited to evaluate the form of the participants.
NPC Worldwide is the largest bodybuilding organization and is the only one recognized by the IFBB Pro League.
IFBB Pro League is a professional bodybuilding and fitness league that holds the biggest and most famous professional tournaments such as : Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic, etc.
NPC Worldwide comes to Bulgaria and gives hundreds of competitors, men and women, the opportunity to compete on a world stage and test their form, and for us spectators to experience the atmosphere of this show.


The tournament is kindly hosted by the Hotel Marinella. It is located in the city centre and will offer participants, spectators and all official guests, all the facilities to enjoy this sporting event.
Hotel Marinella and the organizers of the event in the person of PROMOTER Ltd. will observe all precautions to ensure the preservation of the health of participants, spectators and guests of the tournament.


Bodybuilding and fitness as a sport and lifestyle are gaining more and more popularity both in Bulgaria and worldwide. In this sense, a tournament like this gives a great opportunity to promote and enforce any brand or product that is advertised during the event. It is also important to note the venue of the tournament.
Hotel Marinella is located in the center of our beautiful capital and is the most suitable and accessible destination for spectators from all over Bulgaria and neighboring Balkan countries.
Fitness is very popular among young people and people of active age, which represents a huge potential audience that will follow live or online BALKAN GRAND PRIX
Last but not least, BALKAN GRAND PRIX is not just a tournament. It is the first organized in Bulgaria under the rules of NPC Worldwide . In this sense, the event is of historical importance for the promotion and development of bodybuilding in Bulgaria.